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@2013 Shakti Diversity and Equity Training

Shakti Workshops are designed to be interactive, self-reflective and promote positive social change.These workshops create intellectual stimulation, strengthen cultural competence and are designed to help create inclusive and equitable organizational cultures. Cindu infuses her extensive experience of being a diversity educator and intercultural communication specialist  with her life experiences of being a woman of color to create eye opening and thought provoking workshops. Shakti Workshops provide a rich learning experience rooted in academic theory that works toward creating transformative change within the individual and the organization. Please note that Shakti Workshops are not limited to the below listings. Custom workshops can be created to address the unique needs of individual organizations. Detailed workshop descriptions and pricing are available upon request.


Popular Workshop Offerings

  • Intentionally Inclusive Leadership: Developing Agents of Change

  • Facing the Elephant in the Room: Communicating Productively about Race

  • Cultural Competency for an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace 

  • Beyond the Business Case for Diversity 

  • Communicating Across Cultures: Developing Culturally Responsive Communicators

  • Disrupting Bias: Breaking Down Barriers to Communicating Across Cultures

  • Understanding the South Asian Diaspora and Opportunity

  • Developing Equity Minded Employees: Centering Equity in Diversity Programming

  • Beyond Colorblindness: Pathways to Being an Anti-racist Communicator

  • Race Privilege and Beyond: Understanding Privilege

  • Speaking the Language of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Cultural Competency and Equity in the Classroom

  • Words Matter: What to and NOT to Say when Communicating about Diversity

  • Different is Not Deficient: Unlearning Deficit Ideology

Cindu has created and facilitated over 25 custom workshops for Education Professionals. Please click  below for a list of Shakti Diversity in Education workshops