Shakti Diversity and Inclusion Coaching provides guidance and mentor-ship to help clients strengthen their intercultural competence and increase their knowledge of pertinent concepts and ideologies central to diversity and inclusion in order to be culturally responsive leaders in today's increasingly diverse workplace. The diversity and inclusion industry is constantly evolving with a multitude of frameworks and theories that can be intimidating for someone who is a novice to the Diversity and Inclusion world.  Cindu infuses her expertise and background in teaching and mentoring with her refined knowledge of Diversity and Inclusion to provide a confidential, safe, and supportive learning environment in which clients can examine, explore, and resolve their own unique biases, knowledge gaps, and challenges in regards to diversity and inclusion.  Shakti Diversity and Inclusion Coaching exposes clients to theory, concepts, and frameworks from the fields of Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Critical Race Studies, Psychology, and Sociology to help develop culturally responsive organizational leaders. Coaching clients will work towards being change agents who drive diversity and inclusion efforts within their own organizations.