Shakti Lunch & Learns are short but impactful learning experiences that are designed for organizations looking to provide their employees with a quick, one and a half hour professional development opportunity. Shakti Lunch & Learns can also be a great way to get a taste of Shakti Workshops before committing to a longer learning experience.  Shakti Lunch & Learns can be custom designed to meet the interest and needs of your organization.

 Lunch & Learn Topics: 

  • Exploring the Complexities of Culture 

  • Unpacking the difference between Equity vs Equality

  • Intentional Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Putting Inclusion at the Center of Diversity Programming: Strategies and Solutions

  • Facing the Elephant in the Room: Learning to Communicate about Race and Racism

  • Understanding the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Understanding Cultural Variables: Individualism and Collectivism

  • Understanding the Difference between Sex and Gender: Embracing Gender Diversity

  • The Consequences of Cultural Incompetence 

  • Beyond the Interpersonal: Understanding Structural and Systematic Racism

  • To See or Not to See: Colorblindness in the 21st Century

  • Adding Fuel to the Fire: Gender Differences and Conflict

  • Beyond the Hype: Understanding the Buzz in Diversity ​

  • Microaggressions 101

  • Listening in Diverse Professional Settings

  • Self Disclosure as a Communication Skill in today's Diverse Workplace