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@2013 Shakti Diversity and Equity Training

About SHakti SErvices

Shakti services aim to empower clients to become culturally responsive and competent communicators, encourage self-reflexivity, and work to guide clients to better understand their own identities and the perceptions of others in order to create transformational change towards a more inclusive, equitable, and united society. As our society becomes increasingly diverse, understanding how to create and sustain inclusive and diverse organizations becomes imperative to organizational success. 

Shakti Services are: 

  • Customized for your organization

Shakti services will fit the unique needs, expectations, and culture of your organization. 


  • On your turf

Workshops are conducted on site at your workplace, thereby significantly lowering your costs.

  • Rooted in academic theory

All workshops are rooted in academic research and theory and are data driven. Be prepared to be intellectually stimulated!

  • Action Oriented

Shakti workshops go beyond simply acknowledging and addressing societal inequalities. Participants are given opportunities to devise individual and organizational action plans that work towards change. Because, it's time for us to walk our talk! 

  • Interactive and an inclusive space to learn

Shakti workshops are highly interactive, designed to be engaging, and provide an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better. These experiential learning opportunities offer a warm and welcoming learning environment that invites participation and personal growth.

  • Helping to create positive social change

In order to contribute to the widespread efforts towards social and racial justice, a percentage of proceeds from each Shakti Workshop will be donated to organizations and charities that fight against racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, and education inequality.​

  • Competitively priced

Shakti workshops are professionally designed and competitively priced. Please email to receive more information on pricing. Sliding scale fees are available for organizations with substantial financial challenges or a limited budget. Sliding scale fees will be considered on a case by case basis.